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Meet The Team

Our team consists of:

A dumb 16 y/o team leader. Who is a veteran weeb, a scout main and tries to be and make their team happy. Me, our scout, G3cko.

A spy/sniper main who’s, compared to the rest of us, played semi-professionally. He’s total meme btw. Our Spy, Usagi.

A dramatic poser with premium Jojokes and other dumb shit. Also a Muselk impersonator. Our Soldier, Derper24.

The german gasser who mains pyro. (For legal reasons: that’s a joke.) One of the more mature in the group as well. That’s not saying much though. Our Pyro, Loptater.

The calm and quieter counterpart of our team is our Engineer, Baer.

The American Heavy main who joined our team despite our EU centered location. He remained part of our team nonetheless. Our Heavy, Hyghwind.

A rookie recruit with some “minor” communication problems, being their mic. However, so far, he’s displayed a great interest in the competition. Our Demoman, Tails.

Our new team members: Quake Dude and FusionR

And finally: YOU Welcome aboard this dumb journey of ours as we joke around like friends while trying our best to play like “pros”.

Currently, we need a: @sniper. The reserve slot is already taken.

 Team Discussion

8 Members
  • FoundedJune 2018
  • LanguageEnglish
  • LocationUnited Kingdom

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  • Season 1


    Tournament Begins: September 16, 2019, 7:46 am

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Tournament Author: ScreamFortress

    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 14 teams

    Prize: 1st Place Medal, 2nd Place Medal, 3rd Place Medal