Event Wrap Up & Final Message

As things have come to a close, I – Upgrade,  would like to thank everyone for participating in the event. I understand that there were issues and problems, but there is only so much I can do as a single person with one staff member. So I would like to apologize for that.

As soon as the finals are played I will be reaching out to all of the top 10 teams to get your info and send you your medals. Please note, I will be shipping them in waves and will message you when your team’s medals have been shipped.

On the topic of finals, I will not be able to stream them. The top teams are already having scheduling issues and getting them to work around my already set in stone scheduled because of class & work is just not going to work. Again, I’m sorry about this.

So what is next for ScreamFortress.tf & Hydro.tf? Nothing. I will no longer hold anymore community events for the game as the negativity created by the events has finally got to me.

As for everyone who enjoyed the event, I’m glad you had a wonderful time and would like to personally thank you for enjoying it. Happy Halloween everyone.



Just so it’s easy for people to see. Medals will be shipped after the final game has been played. I will be reaching out to everyone via steam in order to get everyone’s information to send your team the medal.